5 Australians stripped of citizenship .. Following the practice of terrorist activities! – Al Marsad

CANBERRA – Australian Interior Minister Peter Dutton said five people had been stripped of Australian citizenship because they belonged to the terrorist group Da’ash.

In a statement published on the official website of the ministry on Thursday, Dutton pointed out the abolition of the citizenship rights of 5 persons of dual nationality on the background of the practice of terrorist activities inconsistent with their obligations to Australia.

He said the Australian government had stripped six people of their nationality since 2015, in which a law was passed regulating irregularities with Australian citizenship. “These five people were acting against Australia’s interests and chose to leave Australian society.”

He stressed that his country is determined to continue to fight foreign terrorists. The priority will be to ensure the security of all Australians. He also did not reveal the identities of the 5 persons who were stripped of nationality, but said that they are three men and two women who have joined the ranks of Da’ash in Syria and Iraq.

Khalid Shroof, born in Sydney, was the first Australian to be stripped of Australian citizenship. He was stripped of his nationality last year after being included in the May 2001 list of “Daash”.

In 2015, the Australian government passed a law that would allow the citizenship of Australian dual nationals who join the organization and ban their entry into the country.


Source Anatolia Agency.

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