By Fawzi Ammar: Between the Revolution ، Uprising and Chaos Libya and Change – Al Marsad

Opinion article by Fawzi Ammar

There is no comprehensive definition that contradicts the concept of the revolution and is as incontrovertible as its violent version, but the simplest definitions available may be: the rapid change of the best, from my point of view the revolution is “the heart of the inverted”.

When there are several negative factors available in
A country must be a revolution to resolve the situation inverted,
The subject of time remains difficult to predict precisely because no one has the ability to know the unseen.

It is important here to identify the most important reasons and factors for which the revolution is being carried out in a country:
– The tyranny of killing and torture.

– Corruption from scattering wealth and plundering public money
And modesty and nepotism and bribery.

– The exclusion of the other is ideologically different without a face
Right and deprivation even the most basic human rights.

For example, the Arab regimes have resorted to the militarization of societies and the dominance of security institutions over all forms of society from economy and trade, even in the form of granting approvals for the establishment of associations to protect Type of animals coming to extinction.

All this hit the human in dignity, he was either life scared scared marginalized in his homeland or a refugee in the West lives in the back streets of the city, but from the mercy of my Lord, and had the scientific and physical potential to engage in normal life in those democratic societies.

The people, like stones, reproduce whenever they break.

The advent of the Internet and social communication helped to move the Intifada. The virtual world brought man out of the power and repression of the police state to live in an uncontrollable world and a globalization that addressed the masses directly without a censor and a semi-illiterate reporter who confiscated books at the outlets to intervene.
Books on a computer in every home and mobile phone in each hand. !

The mechanism of achieving the revolution from my point of view is more like a football match than two. The first is the uprising and the demolition of the old and worn-out building that Libya is living today.

The second half is the construction of a modern democratic state based on a civil constitution based on citizenship, separating the authorities and building institutions, the first of which is the National Army and the Judiciary. The National Army, which includes all armed manifestations, reorganizes and distributes weapons. The second institution is the Judicial and Security Establishment.

The building of any modern state in the world today is based on three components: participation in the political decision, the equitable distribution of wealth and the building of state institutions.

In Libya today we still live in the first half of the Intifada, which lasted long time in the age of revolutions is not specific and because the nature of the Libyan people nature of nature, and the biggest problem appeared after the fall of the regime in Libya is the concept of awareness of the Libyan identity, which did not take root in the mind of the Libyan citizen, The state fell; for two reasons from my point of view, the first is the return of Libyan society to its primitive components such as the tribe, the city and the region.

The second reason is the dismantling of the former regime of institutions under the name of the popular revolution that made the Libyan entity fragile and the institutions are the soft side that could not withstand the violence of the armed uprising.

And we do not forget that the foreign intervention in the events of February is a flaw that many see as an insult to the uprising and some of the opposition is considered by the (NATO) .. and refuses to deal with it .. Although NATO enters after nearly a month of the outbreak of the intifada and the departure of two areas of Libya in full From the authority of the regime … (all the cities of Barqa and Misurata and the mountain of the west and the corner) … and what was left was under the grip of a fierce security.

What happened in Libya in the events of February was not a revolution
And not a conspiracy .. is something of this and that is an uprising .. But the static peoples like us, who are not accustomed to change do not accept it. Because it simply lives under a patriarchal system that does not accept the individuality and risk society that arose in the West after the French Revolution and the teachings of the Gnatharta in Britain.

While we as Arabs live in life under the Father who
He is the elder of the tribe or the leader or the leader and even the head of the family … We did not learn as Arabs living under a changing society and dangers … but lived and did not live under the state of citizenship because the state in its present form did not exist in the land of the Arabs but in the land of the Franks.

And we have knowledge deficits and there is a confusion between what is knowledge and what is political .. And mixing the house of political and sovereign .. And between Islam as a doctrine and Sharia .. And between the Arabs and Islam.

Before we understand the difference between the state and the patriarchal character, we will continue to fall into closed circles that are worth nothing but chaos and return to the past and fear of the future because we simply do not have the mechanisms to understand, dismantle and co-exist with it, but resort to the nostalgia of the past and the betrayal of change.

And we have narcissistic wounds that we do not want to recognize, including a narcissistic wound, we believe that we are the best nation that has been directed to people without the condition of enjoining virtue and forbidding evil … We do not believe that the evil is to remain governed by the ruler of an individual or family stealing the people’s money and evading them in European banks and infidel America … (a contradiction called in the psychology of schizophrenia).

Therefore, we find the easiest solutions ready and do not think of a solution that starts from our land … the land of salt and blackness. But we resort to foreigners in everything and we become like someone who wants to ski … not in the Alps, but in the Red Hamada and the Great Sahara.

Finally, we must build our own model that is compatible with the civilized world. Before that, security and security will be restored.
Because it is the foundation of any state.

It should be noted here that the uprising since its inception erred in adopting a model resembling the model of Iraq and the Baath Party rather than the model of reconciling South Africa.

The absence of security and institutions will return to tyranny, corruption, exclusion and closing of horizons, the factors that caused all the revolutions of the Arab Spring.

It is exhaust sleep in the power bed has to be