Essay by Issa Abdelkayoum: Preliminary reading in Paris! – Al Marsad

Issa Abdelkayoum – Opinion Article

It is perhaps too early to draw up a comprehensive analytical reading of an agreement that was only announced a few hours ago, but we can lay down a preliminary vision of the mechanisms of the most important of what is stated in it.

– Article 1, 2, 4 states that the “constitutional foundations” of the upcoming elections are not the proposed constitution and that the elections will be held in accordance with these principles while continuing to deal with the constitution.

The articles also stressed that the only legislative body to adopt the “constitutional basis” and the election law is the parliament after the “consultation” of the Council of State.

– Articles 3 and 5 indicate that the protection of the elections and their results will be the responsibility of the United Nations, the regional organizations (African and Arab) and the international community, and we find in these articles that the security arm of the Convention can deliberately relate to the Security Council and what took place in the session of May 21, Force against any party that thinks of obstructing or disrupting the elections or rejecting its results.

Article 6 refers to a resolution similar to the UN resolution on the termination of all existing bodies and their governments, and that if the declaration of the declaration of the legitimacy of all objects signed by the basis of the document “Paris Agreement” only, which will end in December 2018 too !!

By making all objects political parties and giving them specific tasks, and through the text of the agreement that Benghazi is the seat of the next parliament, we can read additional references to the end of all these bodies and consider them as “parties to a conflict” whose task is to implement the new agreement or as expressed in Article 2 Towards good with all Libyan institutions, in order to advance the common goal of stabilizing Libya and uniting the country).

– Article 7 refers to the resolution of the international community and the United Nations to its position on the file of the army in Libya .. She stressed that what is happening in “Cairo” is what has been adopted to be the only basis for the unification of the military, which may also indicate an important role to be undertaken by the Foundation Military in the tasks discussed by Article 5 .. which provided that the Libyan parties supported internationally will protect the upcoming elections.

Article 8 states that the main role in this Agreement will not be for any Libyan party but is entrusted to the United Nations represented by its envoy. This is also found in Article 2 (3).
1 – Termination of the current bodies and the end of the mandate of the political agreement and our entry into the accounts of the “Paris Agreement”.

2. The international community shall retain its front seat as a guarantee that no party will invade a party.

3 – ending the national army for the myth of seeking a military coup.

4. There is a green light to fight terrorism.

5. There is a direct warning to the militias that plan to block the agreement.

6 – raising the red card on the need to unify the Central Bank of Libya “immediately”.

7. If the Paris Agreement is adopted and entered into force, all the roles of the regional countries supporting the parties to the conflict in Libya will be reduced.

8. This agreement will remain ink on paper unless there is a real Libyan will to end the conflict. Unless the interests of the major sponsors are intersecting in a way that leads to the withdrawal of one of them.