Exhibition of the graphite artist “Brancsy” in Moscow – Al Marsad

MOSCOW – The first exhibition of Britain’s unknown graphic artist “Brancsy” will be held in Moscow’s main exhibition hall on Saturday.

On the idea of ​​the exhibition, organizers stated that it includes paintings that can be accommodated in the exhibition hall in the museum and will be accompanied by paintings multimedia presentations.

The exhibition is sponsored by the Russian news agency RIA Novosti and includes 100 exhibits, including works in three dimensions, as well as multimedia media that reflect the artistic career of the world’s most famous graphite artist.

The exhibition’s organizers point out that the most important obstacle was to ascertain the originality of the artist’s works, since many of his works belong to the “street art” he paints on walls in many places around the world, so the exhibition should confirm the accompanying testimonies of the works that indicate that these works Return to the anonymous artist Panksi!

He has painted several of his most famous drawings on the separation wall in the West Bank and in Beit Hanoun in the Gaza Strip.

Source Russia today.

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