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MOSCOW – The Ballet Opera and Ballet Theater of the Russian Republic of Bashkiria plans on June 30 to present a ballet containing some elements of football matches on the occasion of the start of the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

“Football is said to be a simplified version of ballet so we have decided to design one sport of ballet,” said Alexei Ishok, the chief ballet designer at the theater.

The story of love was laid at the heart of the scenario where a young man invites his sweetheart to visit him for a football match at the city court. The audience sees that match as the two lovers see it. ”

According to Ishok, this is the first ballet in Russia, but the hero of the show here is not the decor as much as the elements of music, lighting and motion that depict the development of the dramatic story.

The show features 29 dancers playing the roles of players and fans to capture the various elements of the world’s most famous sporting game, and the feelings and feelings associated with it.

It is interesting that the dancers will play football on the stage already so that they move the ball among themselves as if they were on the pitch.

The music of the show was created by the composer Ruslan Murciaikev and the decor was designed by the fine artist Erina Diyarbina, who leads the orchestra accompanying the ballet the Maestro German Kim.

The performance of the play will conclude the 80th season of the Opera and Ballet Theater in Bashkiria, where he performed on the stage of that famous theater stars such as the famous ballet star, Rudolf Nureyev.

Source Russia today.

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