Saleh receives a “document demands” of the components of Tripoli and Sabha for implementation or the declaration of civil disobedience – Al Marsad

Libya – President of the House of Representatives met with the advisor Aqila Saleh in his residence in the city of Al-Bayda and in the presence of the members of the Council for the South, Fatima Al-Suwaiy and Khadija Al-Mabrouk delegation comprising a number of “members of the Libyan society” in various sects from all over Libya who met several meetings in Sabha, Tripoli and Past.

According to a statement received by the media advisor in favor of Fathi Abdulkarim al-Marimi, the meetings resulted in the preparation of a “national document for the rescue of Libya” presented to the Speaker of the House of Representatives Counselor Aqila Saleh, after the words thrown by representatives of the “three regions” The document demands the council take it to the rescue of Libya.

Al-Marimi revealed that these documents will also be presented to the President of the Presidential Council Vayalsaraj and the Prime Minister Khaled Al-Mashri, expressing the welcome and support of the Board. As well as the steps that will be taken by the House of Representatives in the coming period, which relate to the laws of the disappearance of the Constitution and the upcoming parliamentary and presidential elections.

According to a copy received by Al-Mursad newspaper, the document was signed by the Higher Council for Reconciliation in Greater Tripoli, the Social Council of the Sabha Tribes, the Federation of Civil Society Organizations, Fezan and some other institutions, including the following:

First: national constants

1- Protect national sovereignty, defend Libya, unite its land and people, and preserve the wealth and resources of the Libyan people.

2. To support the Libyan national dialogue, national reconciliation and transitional justice, and to ensure that the national solution is from within the Libyan territory.

3 – Employment of religious and media discourse to serve the nation.

4 – Abolish the administrative centralization and push towards the local administration, provided that this is provided by a constitutional text.

5. Speeding up the general elections before the end of the year in accordance with the constitutional entitlements and emphasizing the peaceful transfer of power.

6. To prevent foreign interference in Libyan affairs in any form.

7. Ending the state of political division, unifying the Libyan public institutions and supporting the national army and public security.

8. Support and protection of the Audit Committee in the National Number System.

Second: Save the South

1. Protection and control of the southern border of Libya violated by the neighboring countries.

2 – Stop the systematic displacement and demographic change taking place in the South.

3 – Stop smuggling and looting of local wealth.

4. Providing living, health, education and security services.

Third: General crises Work on the problem of crises

1 – Lack of liquidity in banks

2 – power outage

3. Low level of health services

4. The security situation

5. Non-support and secure the industrial river system

6- Lack of food commodities necessary for citizens

7 – tampering with the funds and exploitation of non-essential goods to the citizen.

Fourth: Mechanism for implementing the document

1. This document was signed by wise and sheikhs and sheikhs from the western, eastern and southern regions of Libya.

2 – Claiming the official response by the concerned parties to the document in a maximum of two weeks from the date of receipt.

3. A copy of the document shall be formally delivered to the Supreme Court, the Attorney-General and the United Nations for information.

4 – resort to the judiciary and civil disobedience in case of failure to respond to the implementation of the decisions of this document.

Observatory – Special