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The United States – Despite the obstacles it has faced to realize its dream of a veiled news anchor, Tahira Rahman has managed to overcome those obstacles to her dream of becoming the first veiled Muslim woman to appear on television in the United States.

In her interview with Anatolia, Rahman, a Muslim woman from an Indian mother and a Pakistani father, explained that she is currently a correspondent for WHBF.

She noted that the September 11, 2001, attacks in the United States prompted her to study journalism at the University of Liola in Chicago to convey to the world the tragedy and stories of people.

“Like the rest of the Muslim community, shocked by the tragedy of September 11, the Muslims are suddenly being seen as enemies. I was born and raised in the United States, but even our neighbors looked at us suspiciously. At that time I decided to do something to change the perception towards Muslims. ”

“I graduated from journalism school with the support of my parents and I chose the press because it is a profession that can convey the tragedy of people to the whole world,” she said, noting that she answered “no” to those who asked her during the learning and training period. “Will you get the veil to get the job you dream of? Where? ”

“They told me that I would be prepared to hear my refusal to appear on the air with the hijab many times. In fact, they have achieved what they said and received negative responses to dozens of applications for work. ”

“I was unable to find a job as a media reporter because of my hijab, so I started working for WHBF as a news producer behind the camera and worked on this job for more than two years.”

“After all, I did not give up my dream of being a presenter. After the rejection of requests for me, I asked my superiors what I have to do to be a candidate to work as a broadcaster, and they advised me attendance. I thank God because I got the job in my third application, “she said, explaining that she appeared on screen with her veil for the first time on February 8 and still works in the profession she loves.


Source Anatolia Agency.

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