“The nose” of Prince Harry’s fiancée … turns into a global fashion! – Al Marsad

The “fiancee” of the fiancée, who is the fiance of Prince Harry, who will become his wife on 19 May, to turn into a fashion icon in a very short time, making it the attention of millions in the world, but it seems that fashion is not the only element in the appearance that women seek to imitate her There is also her nose, which launched a new fashion in plastic surgery.

This is confirmed by American cosmetic doctors revealed that the shape of the nose of Megan has become a global fashion in the field of rhinoplasty surgery in its soft design and natural convex style.

After Kim Kardashian’s nose was the world’s most sought-after, attention turned to the nose of Prince Harry’s fiancé, which has a small hump that makes it distinctive and harmonious when viewed from both the front and the side.

For those who want to get the shape of the nose of Megan Markell without resorting to plastic surgery, they can use a short-term technique based on the principle of packing and the name Liquid Nose Job is specifically designed to reshape the nose in just 10 minutes and the result of about 12 months.

The end result of the technique is shown immediately after it is performed. A computer program can be used before the session to determine what the outcome of the treatment will be. It is an ideal way to adjust the shape of the nose without entering the labyrinth of plastic surgery.

Source Arabic.Net

Prince Harry .. Turns into a global fashion!