By Fouzi Ammar: The Fifth Integration Development Model – Al Marsad

libya – The fifth integration development model  is a policy-making tool for economic growth and regional development  The fifth integrated development model of innovation is a development of the Triple Hilex theory which created in 1990.

The 5th integrated development model refers to a set of interactions between academia, industry & agriculture & services and governments ,finance and non governmental institutions like media & commerce chamber of commerce ,to support economic and social development..  This framework theorised by Fouzi Ammar Alloulki in the 2018 .

With the Fifth model of development , University-Industry & agriculture & services -Government  – banks -chamber of commerce Relations , A laboratory for Knowledge-Based Economic Development  , Interactions between universities, industries , banks and governments and non governments institutions.

have given rise to new intermediary institutions, such as technology transfer offices and science parks.

The 5th model also participated in the transformation of each institution and the integration of relationship between countries and post state cooperation.

The 5th model of innovation, is based on the interactions and integration between the five following elements and their associated :

1- Universities and research centres  engaging in basic research,
2-   Industries and agriculture producing commercial  goods and
3-  Governments that are regulating markets and
4-  Banking  and Finance institution
5-   Media take care of advertising & chambers of commerce , business
councils take care of fairs and business meetings .

As interactions increase within this framework, each component evolves to adopt some characteristics of the other institution, which then gives rise to hybrid institutions. Bilateral interactions exist between university, industry and government and banks and non-profit & non organization .

27 .November 2018