Women’s police unit to be set up in Benghazi – Al Marsad

Libya – A women’s police unit is to be set up in Benghazi.  The head of the city’s security directorate, Brigadier Adel Abdulaziz Omar, issued a directive on Sunday authorising its establishment.

Directly answerable to him, the new unit will provide female officers for security units in Benghazi and for other areas of police work where for the presence of a female officer is required. The unit will be headed by Abdulsalam Al-Farjani and is to be activated with immediate effect.

Before the 2011 revolution, there were women police in Benghazi as elsewhere in Libya.  They were rarely seen on the streets, though, being involved instead in other administrative and security duties. Since then, they have effectively disappeared, in part because many had been closely involved with the former regime or perceived as such.  There has also been a growing marginalisation, indeed rejection, of women in public roles across Libya in recent times.

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