HoR president condemns Turkey envoy’s criticism of LNA and Field Marshal Haftar – Al Marsad

Libya, 20 February 2019 – Ageela Saleh, president of the House of Representatives (HoR), has strongly condemned anti-LNA and anti-Khalifa Haftar remarks made earlier this week by Emrullah Isler, the special envoy of Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan to Libya. They were an “unacceptable interference in Libyan internal affairs”, he said, accusing Turkey of undermining efforts to end of the crisis in Libya.

Turkey, he said, supported terrorists and extremist groups operating in the country by providing them with material and logistical support.

It needed to change its policy on Libya, he insisted, and stand by the Libyan people instead of supporting terrorism and extremism and undermining Libya’s security.

In an interview last week with Turkey’s Anadolu news agency, Isler said that the capture of the south of the country by the LNA was a violation of the Skhirat agreement,  had been achieved with help of Egypt and the UAE.

“Haftar’s forces were able to easily eliminate their opponents thanks to aerial support from Egypt and the UAE”, he said.

Insisting that the Libyan crisis could be solved with sufficient will and through dialogue, Isler declared that Turkey had played a positive role in efforts to that end. Moreover, unlike other states which he accused of double standards, it was opposed to all foreign interference in Libya and was impartial in regard to the various parties in the country.

He alleged that following the Arab Spring, contrary to what Turkey was doing, certain Arab states had launched a media campaign against it, claiming it was providing arms and military support to Libya when  they the ones doing so.  They attacked Turkey to try and hide their own support for Hafter, he claimed.  If Turkey were providing arms, he said, “the balance on the ground would change”.

Isler’s comments have attracted criticism from other members of the HoR. Wadi Shatti member Ali al-Saidi accused Turkey of sponsoring terrorism in Libya by sending weaponry to militants. Contrary to what the Turkish special envoy claimed, the Libya people, especially people in Fezzan, were grateful to the LNA for getting rid of criminals and terrorists in the region. They had suffered greatly at their hands.

Another member, Ali Tekbali, from Tripoli, also accused Turkey of providing arms to extremist militias and the Muslim Brotherhood. This had resulted in the deaths of so many innocent Libyans since 2011. Turkey had also provided shelter and a base for them to plot and plan, he said,

This was all part of Ankara’s “policy of spreading chaos and extremism and aborting any attempts to find a solution to the Libyan crisis,” he declared.

Operating out of Turkey, the Brotherhood was now desperately trying to re-polish its image ahead of the national conference and elections, Takbali added.