El-Fil field taken by LNA – Al Marsad

Libya, 21 February 2019 – The Libyan National Army took control of El-Fil (“The Elephant”) oil and gas field on Thursday evening. South of the Sharara oilfield and the second largest field in southwest Libya, it is operated by Mellitah Oil and Gas, the joint venture between the National Oil Corporation and Italy’s energy company Eni.

The commander of the Karama (“Dignity”) Operations Room, Maj.- Gen. Abdulsalam al-Hassi, told Almarsad that El-Fil was peaceful and secure and that the LNA unit that had secured it and the surrounding area was preparing to hand it over to the Petroleum Facilities Guards headed by Maj.-Gen. Naji al-Maghrabi.

Maghrabi’s men have now taken over Sharara oilfield. It was secured by the LNA ten days ago.

The LNA said that the force formerly at El-Fil had withdrawn and that there had been no clashes or damages.

The announcement of El-Fi’s takeover follows the LNA’s advance in Murzuk and the handover of Sharara to Maghrabi’s PFG forces.