Bomb found and dismantled in Shahat by security forces – Al Marsad

Libya, 8 March 2019 – Members of the Rapid Intervention Force of the Security Directorate in the eastern town of Shahat (Cyrene) dismantled an explosive device in bag today, Friday after arresting the boy who had taken it to the town’s Suq al-Juma (Friday market).

A spokesman for the Security Directorate that the device had been seized and dismantled after a local resident contacted it having seen the 13-year-old boy, threw the oddly-shaped bag in the garbage.

The rapid intervention force quickly arrived at the market, ensured order there, arrested the boy (said to be an Egyptian), and removed both the him and the bag from of the market.

The bag was taken to an open place to avoid an explosion where numbers of people were gathered, the directorate said, adding that the explosives had been wired to detonate remotely by mobile phone.

A search of the rest the market was then carried out for any other possible devices. Members of the security services also searched all the mosques in the town and adjacent open spaces.

No other devices were found.


Photo (Shahat Security Directorate): Members of Shahat Security Directorate line up with the dismantled bomb 

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