Interior ministry changes colour of taxis – Al Marsad

Libya, 17 March 2019 – The interior ministry has issued a directive, No. 449/2019, changing the colour of taxis in Libya from the current black and white combination to yellow, as in many US cities, in Tunisia and several other countries around the world. Larger vehicles for seven passengers or more have to be white, with  yellow side panels, as at present.

A number of other new rules are also in today’s directive. These include:

  • A sign inside the taxi, prominently placed, showing the licence number;
  • A fire cylinder and first-aid kit inside the taxi;
  • Vehicles must not be more than five years old;
  • The taxi sign must be in Arabic and English;
  • Vehicles must have annual or semi-annual inspections, depending on their age;
  • Engine capacity must not be less than 200cc.

Fare structures throughout the country are yet to be determined. This will be done by the local government and economy ministries.

Taxi owners are also expected to ensure that their vehicles are clean, tidy and in good condition.

The directive does not say by what date taxi owners have to repaint their vehicles or if it is only applicable to new registered taxis.

Libyan taxis have been black and white since the 1950s. Because of it, they used sometimes to be called “spats”, after the white covers for black shoes once favoured by American gangsters.


(Photo: Social media)