Hafter predicts new government in next few weeks – Al Marsad

Libya, 2 April 2019 – Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar has said that there could be new a government of national unity within the next few weeks and that it would address many of the major problems identified by young people attending the youth forum in Benghazi at the end of last week.

“Libya has been plagued with major problems because of the attacks by terrorist groups that decided to base themselves in Libya because its population is small, Indeed, the region is the least populated in terms of area, although the potential in this country is buried under the soil. There is enough for all of Africa, but the Libyan people, as they say, are poor in such a richest country. It’s a tragedy. Whoever is in charge must have hate in his heart for making the people so poor.”

He added that 15 batches of university graduates were still waiting for jobs and while they should have found positions, the jobs were not there.

“Operation Dignity that fought terrorism would not have achieved a single victory without the involvement of young people, from the very first day,” he said. They had insisted in getting involved in the fight even though the LNA was opposed.

The terrorists had murdered so many people in Benghazi, starting with the army and police, then public prosecutors, judges, journalists and media professionals, he said. They did not differentiate between old or young, between a woman or a sheikh. Their intention had been to terrorize everyone.

“The years of misery that have elapsed have been harsh for all Libyans, but young people are paying a higher price”, he stated.  There has been, effectively, a tax on their  dignity and freedom. “But we must reap the benefits of a safe, stable and prosperous life, and just as we have won the battle supported by our youth, we will also prevail in the battle of reconstruction, supported by or youth

He called on all sectors to open their doors to young people so as to enable them to take a leading role in the next phase. Those who obstructed the country’s youth and blocked from fulfilling their ambitions betrayed the country and prevented progress, he added. They must be removed, he said.

As far as the armed forces were concerned, he added, it opened its doors to young people and the result thousands of graduates of military colleges and training centres which were the pride of the armed forces.

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