HoR tells Ageela Salah to select own participants for Ghadames conference – Al Marsad

Libya, 2 April 2019 – The House of Representatives (HoR) wants to select its own committee to represent it at the National Conference to be held in Ghadames on 14-16 April.

Debating the conference on Monday and Tuesday, it approved a motion saying that if an invitation to attend were sent to the president, Ageela Saleh, he should choose a group on members to represent the house.

It is not clear that this would be accepted by UN special envoy Ghassan Salamé.  Participants are being chosen and invited by him. If he were to accept it, the State Council would also certainly want to select its participants.

At their meeting today, the members also voted to hold one of their next meetings in Benghazi. The date is to be decided by Ageela Saleh in the next few days.

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