Tripoli Protection Force says its support LIAS proposal – Al Marsad

Libya, 1 April 2019 – The Tripoli Protection Force (TPF) issued a declaration on Saturday evening welcoming the statements by UN envoy Ghassan Salameh on the elections and the National Conference.  Declaring its support for presidential and parliamentary elections, it said that this was what the public wanted.

The TPF comprises Tripoli Revolutionaries’ Brigade, the Special Deterrent Force (Rada), 8th Brigade – Nawasi, Abu Salim Deterrence and Joint Intervention Force and the Bab Tajoura Brigade as well as a number of other units.

The TPF published its statement on its Facebook page, referring to its recent statements, especially that of 23 February 2019, entitled “Statement on the persistent tampering with the state’s financial and economic institutions.” It also referred to its previous calls to the Attorney General and the Libyan regulatory authorities to put an end to the widespread corruption in Libyan institutions. It said the Salamé’s latest statement about corruption proved the validity of what they had stated months ago.

“We consider the statements about corruption by Mr. Salamé in his recent [TV] interview to have confirmed our demands that those involved in corruption be made accountable by ending the transitional period and heading straight to the parliamentary and presidential elections in the summer of 2019.”

It continued: “The political and institutional divisions that have afflicted our country have created a fertile environment for terrorism, which is sponsored by politicians with unclear ideas who dominate the economic and financial institutions and who are on its executive and advisory councils. This has created a fertile environment for the growth of corruption. It was described by Salamé as ‘something desperate and sad’, and he was right.  This corruption has moved into financing the industry of terrorism, organised crime and smuggling, and this is no longer a secret.

“In this regard, and in order to end the crisis through the National Conference, the TPF adds its voice to those others [now] backing the eight-point proposal from the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS) submitted to Salamé. It is the first practical, logical proposal to be appear publicly”, the statement read.

“We affirm our support for this proposal. We accept the validity of the statement about the need for all parties in areas they control to protect the electoral process, and that both parliamentary and presidential elections should be held on the same day, and not just parliamentary ones as some of parties are trying to insist.

Support for the LIAS proposal has also come from the Tuareg community, the Civil Society Commission of Ben Waleed, the “Sons of Libya” group which includes some 30 Libyan diplomats and political figures, from activists as well as the Min Ajl Libya (“For the Sake of Libya”) movement which includes a number of tribal sheikhs.

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