Alasaba denounces arrest of deputy intelligence chief, hold UN responsible for his safety – Al Marsad

Libya, 12 April 2019  – The municipal and social councils of Alasaba have demanded an explanation for the disappearance of the deputy head of intelligence, Abdelmajid Omar Al-Dabaa.  Dabaa, a local Alasaba man, was taken from his office in Tripoli on 4 April.

In a letter yesterday to both the UN special envoy to Libya Ghassan Salamé and the relevant authorities, the councils called on them to investigate the incident and inform his family where he was being held, to communicate with him and to be reassured and to know the reasons that led to his abduction or detention.

They condemned the abduction of a public servant in the course of his work and stressed the need to abide by the law.

Dabaa is alleged to have been operating a pro-LNA cell within the intelligence service, but nothing has been announced. He was seized on the same day that the LNA took control of Alasaba and Gharyan Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar announced the move to take Tripoli.  He was said to have been seized by a group of unknown men along with a number of officials close to him.

Last week, Sarraj, called for the arrest of all those involved in the Libyan National Army’s move on Tripoli.  Since then, he has ordered the interior ministry to arrest any LNA sleeper cells in Tripoli.

Last Saturday, PC interior minister Fathi Bashagha told senior officials in the ministry and other security institutions to provide him within 72 hours names of individuals suspected of collaborating what he called “armed groups outside the legitimacy of the state”.

Dabaa was appointed by the head of the Presidency Council, Faiez Sarraj, as deputy head of the intelligence service in April 2017.


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