Military prosecutor apologises to Musa Koni, removes name from wanted list – Al Marsad

Libya, 12 April 2019 – The military prosecutor-general of the Libyan National Army’s General Command, Maj.-Gen. Faraj al-Sousaa, has apologised to former Presidency Council (PC) member Musa al-Koni for his name appearing on a “wanted List” issued by his office yesterday. The list is of individuals in the PC and other politicians as well as a number of officers working for the PC and its government of national accord wanted for a number of alleged major state crimes.

Koni, resigned from the PC in January 2017, saying that he and the PC had failed to deliver.  He had been one of the five vice presidents, representing the south in general and the ethnic minorities there in particular. He was never replaced.

In his apology, Sousaa said that Koni’s name had appeared on the list by mistake and had now been removed. He added that Koni was welcome at any time in Benghazi or anywhere else in the country.

“We apologise for this inadvertent error and we confirm that Mr. Musa al-Koni Belkani is one of the good sons of the motherland who sided with the homeland early on and cannot be placed on a list of terrorists,” he said.

The Libyan Tuareg Supreme Social Council has welcomed the apology.

The military prosecutor-general had ordered the arrest of a number of military and civilian figures most of them linked to the PC, although it would not count some of them as its friends.  They are accused of a number of major offences such as such taking up arms against the state, plotting with foreign countries, involvement with terrorist groups and illegal militias, financing them, theft of state property, sabotage or destruction of military installations, betrayal of state affairs and violating the constitution.

Those listed are:

I. Military:

  • Maj.-Gen. Suleiman Mahmoud Suleiman (former Chief of Staff)
  • Maj.-Gen. Yusef Ahmed Mohamed Al-Mangoush (former Chief of Staff)
  • Maj.-Gen. Osama Abdel Salam Juwaili (PC western region commander)
  • Col. Mahdi Ibrahim Barghouthi (former PC defenc minister)
  • Col. Muftah Omar Hamza
  • Col. Abdulbasset al-Shaeri
  • Col. Idris Mousi Bugwitin
  • Col. Taher Ghrabli
  • Col. Muhamed Qanuno (PC military spokesman)
  • Col. Ibrahim Hadia
  • Col. Salahaddin Omar Bashir Badi (Misrata militia commander and former GNC member)
  • Col. Mohamed al-Hijazi (former Karama spokesman)
  • .Air Col. Adel Abdelkafi Zairi (former Libya Dawn regime official)
  • Mustafa Sharksi (commander of the Benghazi Defence Brigades)

II. Civilians:

  • Faiez Al-Sarraj (PC)
  • Ahmed Omar Maetig (PC)
  • Musa al-Koni Belkani (removed from list)
  • Abdel Salam Saad Kajman (PC)
  • Mohamed Ammari Zayed (PC)
  • Abdulrahman Al-Shibani Al-Sewehli (former State Council president)
  • Ahmed Hamza Mahdi (PC)
  • Khalifa Mohamed Al-Ghwail (Libya Dawn regime “prime minister”)
  • Sadeq Al-Ghariani (“Grand Mufti”)

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