Sawan: Talk about a political settlement with take another form after attack on Tripoli – Al Marsad

Libya, 13 April 2019 – The head of the Justice and Construction Party, Mohamed Sawan, said on Saturday that a political settlement was bound to take a different form following what he described as “the attack of Haftar forces on Tripoli”.

In a statement to Libya’s Panorama TV channel, Sawan said that the large crowds turned up in the capital’s Martyrs Square condemning what he called the “militarisation of the state” sent a message to the international community that it had to reject a return to tyranny in Libya. There was no excuse, he said, for anyone not to condemn what he called “aggression”. The LNA offensive was an attack on legitimacy, he said.

He stressed the need to distinguish between ordinary people in the eastern region and “Hafter” (Field Marshal Hafter, the General Commander of the Libyan National Army), claiming that the latter was taking advantage of circumstances to reach his objectives.

Haftar did not have legitimacy, Sawan said, claiming out that following the signing of the Libyan Political Agreement in Skhirat the House of Representatives was no longer the supreme commander of the army and its appointment of Haftar as a general commander was therefore invalid.

He suggested that some countries would change the position in their favour of the in response to the steadfastness of the presidential forces.

Sawan’s Justice & Construction Party is the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya.

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