Interim government recognises Armenian genocide – Al Marsad

Libya 18 April 2019 – It has been announced that the eastern-based interim administration’s Council of Ministers has adopted a proposal from Abdelhady Alhweij, its foreign minister, to recognise the Armenian Genocide committed by the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923.

The proposal was adopted last month but the the council’s legal department is now drafting a resolution under which Libya will commemorate Armenian Genocide Day annually on 24 April, starting this year.

Libya is the third Arab state to recognise the genocide, the other two being Lebanon and Syria. Altogether 29 states have recognised it, as well as a number of international organisitions.

Some one and a half million Armenians are said to have been killed in the Ottoman empire, with the genocide being recognised as starting on 24 April 1915. However, there were massacres of Armenians beforehand.

The Thini administration’s decision to recognise the genocide is being seen as a deliberate snub to Turkey which refuses to accept that there was an Armenian genocide.