Major Roadworks Completed on Key Intersection in Benghazi – Al Marsad

The Municipality of Benghazi completed an important road improvement project in the city to ease traffic congestion for its citizens

[Benghazi, 1 June 2019] – The project of asphalting and improving Ahmed al-Sharif Road located in the Benghazi district of Ardh Quraysh, where the traffic congestion created severe bottlenecks connecting Palestine Street and Syria Street, was officially completed today. The project was funded by the Benghazi Stabilization Projects programme.

Safety barriers, tensioned wire ropes supported by steel posts, have also been installed on dual roadways in the Garyounis neighborhood, behind the University of Benghazi.

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In a statement published today, the Municipality of Benghazi announced that a number of road surface maintenance works in various neighborhoods of Benghazi would be launched in the coming period. These projects aim at providing solutions to traffic congestions by improving the existing infrastructure of the road network of the city.

Although these maintenance works are currently focused on small to medium-sized projects, they have a significant impact on improving infrastructure and reducing accidents. In addition, the noticeable visibility of traffic men and women officer patrols in Benghazi are vital for the continued security improvements in Benghazi to spur increased safety and economic activity.

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