Football Tournaments Restore Ramadan Spirit in Benghazi – Al Marsad

Benghazi celebrates the Ramadan spirit of the city by organizing popular football tournaments in areas that once witnessed fierce fighting.

[Benghazi, 2 June 2019] – Football tournaments in Libyan cities, particularly Benghazi, have long been one of the most important activities in the holy month of Ramadan. This year, the annual sportsfest marked Benghazi’s restoration of Ramadan’s traditions, events and beauty after the devastation caused to the city by Islamist terrorism.

You Are Stronger than Cancer charity campaign, launched by Benghazi Libyan Red Crescent, was organized during the last week of Ramadan at the Benina Martyrs Stadium. The charity event was held to support Libyan children suffering from cancer with the participation of leading sporting personalities of the current generation of Libyan footballers as well as leading veteran players. Some of these football personalities who supported the initiative included Libya’s national team striker Ahmed Said, and the international defenders Khalifa Al-Maghani, Akram Zawai, and Said Al-Ziani.


Ramadan activities were not limited to matches for professional players, but were also attended by amateur youth and children through junior zones tournaments as well as the 2019 Year of Tolerance Tournament which were held in Ben Younis, in commemoration of the late Saad Mannaa.

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The events attracted large audiences on Saturday. Furthermore, Al-Humaidha Tournament, which concluded its activities last Friday under the theme Sportsmanship, Love, Competition, witnessed soccer matches between various junior teams under 14 years of age.

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The resumption of activities this Ramadan in the war-torn downtown district of Souq al-Hawt is particularly significant since this historical neighborhood witnessed fierce battles between the LNA and terrorist groups.

Souq al-Hawt, Benghazi

The people of Benghazi insisted on reviving the Ramadan events in this seasonal market despite the destruction of the surrounding buildings. The football tournament in the district was a powerful message that Benghazi and its inhabitants are determined to restore the city’s spirit of hope and progress.

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