RASCO Board Criticises Sanalla’s Allegations of LNA Interference, Says Facilities “Witnessing Unprecedented Stability” – Al Marsad

Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO) condemns accusations by Mustafa Sanallah and affirms that the Libyan National Army (LNA) has secured the facilities professionally and has not threatened or interfered with the management of the oil facilities. They said “we are witnessing unprecedented stability”.

[Libya, 16 June 2019] – The Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO) issued a statement refuting the allegations regarding the situation in the Ras Lanuf region in the wake of a recent statement made by the Tripoli-based Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla, in which he claimed that the Libyan National Army (LNA) has “militarized the Ras Lanuf oil region and interfered in its affairs and looted some of its resources.”

RASCO’s statement, signed by Shaaban Bsaisbu, Chairman of the Board of Directors, confirmed that the Ras Lanuf Oil and Gas Processing Company (RASCO) has not witnessed any security violations during the past period and that RASCO’s management has not been forced by any physical threat to make any decisions under duress.

An electronic copy of the statement received by Al Marsad newspaper stated that “on the contrary, regular and periodic meetings are held as scheduled with all security and military services in the region to discuss issues relevant to providing protection and securing facilities in an atmosphere of friendliness, fraternity and mutual cooperation.”

Since the outbreak of the fighting in Tripoli, the NOC Chairman, Mustafa Sanalla, has intervened on more than one occasion in the ongoing war, even though it had no connection to the oil sector. Sanalla’s critics have accused him of using the NOC in a conflict that has nothing to do with it, and serving the agendas of the Muslim Brotherhood and his British allies.

The RASCO statement revealed that the last of these meetings were held last Tuesday with Major General Abdallah Nour-ul-Eddine Al-Hammali, Commander of the Sirte Liberation Operations Room where some of the demands were discussed and assessed in the light of available resources. Other files related to security aspects of the company were also discussed, according to RASCO, with professionalism, mutual respect and appreciation.

“Yesterday, Major General Naji Al-Maghrabi, Commander of the Oil Installations Guard (OIG) contacted us directly and we reiterated RASCO’s position in this regard,” the statement said. The management of RASCO confirmed in the statement that it will not hesitate to inform the higher authorities of the General Command of the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the event of any security breach as it cannot stand silent vis-à-vis any tampering that could pose a threat to the resources of the country in these difficult times.

The statement said that on Thursday morning, several media channels contacted the company’s media office and were briefed on the above. “We are not talking here of out of courtesy [to the armed forces]; we are stating tangible facts that we witnessed here since we were assigned as board of directors of RASCO,” the statement confirmed.

RASCO’s statement included implicit criticism of the Chairman of the National Oil Corporation (NOC), Mustafa Sanalla: “We also telling all those skeptics who have well-known affiliations, and those writers who are bent on creating sedition and division, that we will not allow them to question our principles and attitudes towards our homeland and its issues. Attempts to spread such lies are naive and foolish.” The management at RASCO stressed that no one has the right to question its patriotism in “standing with the ranks of the nation in all areas of military, security, economic, political and other aspects”. The company concluded its statement by saying that it holds in high respect all the national figures who defend the country and its resources.

RASCO indicated that it would take the appropriate legal measures against anyone who fabricates baseless stories and spreads false rumors against its board of directors in accordance with the laws of the country and the internal regulations and procedures of the company.

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