US Rejects Proposed Statement by the UK at the UN Security Council on the Attack at the Tajourah Detention Centre – Al Marsad

The UN Security Council failed on Wednesday evening to issue a statement condemning the attack on the Migrants Detention Centre in Tajourah. The United States did not endorse the proposed statement by the United Kingdom, according to diplomats.

[Libya, 4 July 2019] – Agence France Presse (AFP) reported today that diplomats said that the United States did not endorse the proposed statement by the UK. “During a two-hour closed-door meeting, Britain circulated a statement that would have condemned the air strike that killed scores of migrants, called for a ceasefire, and a return to political talks,” according to the AFP.

The Associated Press (AP) in its report said, “The diplomats, speaking on condition of anonymity because the meeting was private, said [Rosemary] DiCarlo told the council that Libyan authorities have continued to transfer migrants to Tajoura despite humanitarian organizations repeatedly saying they risked getting caught in conflict.”

The spokesperson for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Ahmed al-Mismari, called for the UN to open an investigation into the airstrike on the detention center in Tajourah that killed 33 migrants. He said the LNA did not target the centre and said the UN should investigate, in cooperation with the LNA, the airstrike and other attacks.

Sources: AFP and AP