Wanis Bukhamada Warns Terrorist Groups: “You Will Not Return to Benghazi” – Al Marsad

Major General Wanis Bukhamada said he was with a group of his Special Forces at the funeral of Major General Khalifa al-Mesmari at Al-Hawari cemetery last Thursday when a terrorist bomb killed 5 people and left 33 injured. In a television interview he warns terrorists that the Special Forces will never allow them to destroy Libya.

[Libya, 13 July 2019] – Major General Bukhamada confirmed in a statement to “Al-Arabiya Al-Hadath” channel on Friday, the presence of Special Forces members during the funeral of the former Special Forces commander, Major General Khalifa al-Mesmari. He said: “After the funeral rites there was a very terrible and big explosion at the back. A car exploded and shrapnel scattered and some people were injured. Security forces took me out of the area and I was later informed that there were casualties and injuries amongst the military and civilians.”

The late Major General Khalifa al-Mesmari

He pointed out that the security services, including military intelligence, internal and external security, moved to the scene and began their investigations, adding that he had instructed the assistant commander of the Special Forces to be at the scene until ambulances and fire trucks arrived.

He went on to say, “The fire caused by the explosion at the cemetery was extinguished, and three military cars and nine civilian cars were burnt, we had two martyrs and a number of injured, while amongst civilians there are two martyrs and the number of injured exceeded 22 at the time.”

Bukhamada stressed out that suicide and bombing operations were common before, as Libyans had suffered for more than five years from the danger of such explosions and blasts by extremists. After the city of Benghazi was completely liberated, there were no more explosions of such kind.

General Bukhamada expected there to be breaches to existing army security efforts by terrorist sleeper cells, pointing out that evidence of this were the recent statements by the Islamic State, or ISIS where they threatened to strike at the armed forces.

He described the terrorist bombing that targeted Al-Hawari cemetery as a “despicable act,” adding that such acts are not committed by humans, that these operations do not frighten the armed forces, that they do not fear death, and that they have fought terrorism in the city of Benghazi face to face in their nests and will continue to do so.

He warned terrorists who try to create sedition in Benghazi: “As for Benghazi, you will not enter it even if you stood on your heads, and you have no place in Libya. As for the holders of the black flag, you who wear masks and carry out bombing operations, if you are humans then go out in Benghazi and openly say that you are there, and we will face you. We are still here in Benghazi and we are not afraid of you, and you mean nothing to us.”

Major General Bukhamada concluded by saying, “Personally, I shall keep my head high, I confronted you in the middle of your centres, and I told you that I am coming for you, and I did. I direct my statements to the terrorist and unjust organizations that seek to destroy Libya, and who refuse the state—we are not afraid of you and we are here and will confront you wherever you are.”

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