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Mohamed Bin Ahmed al-Falata, a senior terrorist media outreach chief was confirmed dead by the Libyan National Army (LNA) during clashes last year, according to ISIS media.

[Libya, 14 July 2019] – ISIS published an obituary via its media publication, al-Nabaa magazine, eulogizing the ISIS senior leader and describing the Libyan National Army as the army of Haftar, the tyrant. The recent ISIS announcement confirms the death of al-Falata, which the LNA had declared last year.

A photograph of Al-Falata shortly before he was shot dead.

Sudanese Origin, Influenced by Al-Zarqawi

Al Marsad’s investigative team searched the background of the senior media chief in the ISIS terrorist organization identified al-Falata as a Sudanese national who was codenamed Abu Assem al-Muhajer. Born in Sudan, al-Falata family moved to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia at a later stage. He studied in Saudi Arabia where he completed high school and then returned to the Sudan.

Al-Falata was influenced by watching video footage and photos of his role model, Abu Musab al-Zarqawi which were circulated in 2003, in the aftermath of US invasion of Iraq.

Influenced by Zarqawi’s terrorist role model, al-Falata returned to Sudan where he planned assaults waged by ISIS. He continued to plot attacks but was later arrested by Sudanese security forces. However, al-Falata was released later for unspecified reasons.

Al-Falata Declares Allegiance to Islamic State

Declaring his allegiance to the Emir of the Caliphate, al-Falata went on to become officially a member of ISIS terror group. He moved to the Republic of Chad, which shares a common border Sudan, from where he continued to be engaged in terrorism-related activities along with other militant and terrorist groups in the Sahel region and West Africa— particularly Northern Nigeria terror groups.

After confrontations with the Chadian security forces, al-Falata was caught and incarcerated in a prison in the landlocked central African nation. He was later deported to Sudan which was at the time ruled by the pro-Muslim Brotherhood regime of Omar al-Bashir.

Arrested Twice, Released Twice

in Sudan Al-Falata served another prison term during the former pro-Doha and pro-Ankara regime in Khartoum. However, the ISIS terrorist was later released once again on undisclosed grounds.

After his second shocking release from Sudanese prisons, al-Falata was seen in Libya as a member of the Sahara Saraya. At a later stage, however, the Sudanese-born ISIS member of the Wilayat Libya became the media in-charge of the its branch there. The terrorist Al-Falata documented, with his camera, an attack that targeted Al-Qanan Police Station near Ajdabiya in June 2018.

The attack by ISIS at Al-Qanan police station claimed the life of a woman and left five civilians wounded from the same family. The attack was condemned by Libyan authorities and also UNSMIL.

ISIS said its “caliphate soldiers” attacked Al-Qanan police station and “violent clashes ended in the destruction of station elements”.

The “martyr of the Caliphate” Mohamed Bin Ahmed al-Falata was killed “by forces of the tyrant Haftar,” reported  al-Nabaa magazine, a publication affiliated with the terrorist organization.

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