Muslim Brotherhood Terror Cell Raided in Kuwait had links to Hisham Ashmawy, Turkey, and Qatar – Al Marsad

Members of a Muslim Brotherhood cell in Kuwait raided by the country’s security forces have been extradited to Egypt. The captured terrorists were revealed to have links with the terrorist Hisham Ashmawy, who was captured in Derna by the Libyan National Army (LNA) and extradited to Egypt in May this year. Investigations also revealed that the cell in Kuwait had links to Islamist terror networks in Turkey and Qatar.

[Libya, 14 July 2019] – The Kuwaiti newspaper, Al-Rai, revealed that the detained members of a Muslim Brotherhood cell in Kuwait raided by the security authorities had been sentenced to judicial terms by the Egyptian judiciary.

According to official Egyptian sources, some of the terror cell members have resided in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Turkey. The members of the terrorist cell managed to evade the Egyptian security authorities for a while before moving to Kuwait where they received employment residence and took shelter in the oil-rich Gulf state.

Links to Terrorist Hisham Ashmawy Captured by the LNA

The newspaper mentioned that the suspects are wanted by Egyptian security authorities where some of them have been sentenced to serve long jail terms on charges of involvement in the assassination of Hisham Barakat, Prosecutor General of Egypt, in a car bomb in a Cairo suburb in 2015. The Egyptian terrorist arrested in Dena by the Libyan National Army (LNA), Hisham Ashmawy, is a main suspect in the assassination of Barakat. During interrogations in Kuwait, the suspects of the arrested cell admitted to carrying out terrorist operations in Egypt.

Captured members of the Muslim Brotherhood cell in Kuwait

The Kuwaiti Ministry of the Interior special operations division located the whereabouts of the Egyptian fugitives, who had evaded the Egyptian authorities, and succeeded in raiding their cell in Kuwait. During interrogations, it was disclosed, that terrorist operations in Egypt were executed by some of the members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood cell. Kuwaiti investigations have proceeded to pinpoint their accomplices in Kuwait and understand how they managed to reach and take shelter in Kuwait.

Terrorists Extradited to Egypt by Kuwait Authorities

Al-Rai said that the arrested cell members have been extradited to Egypt, according to the concluded bilateral agreements between Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Kuwait, at the request of the Egyptian authorities. The extradited Muslim Brotherhood members have been sent haven been sent in two phases.

The first tip off given to the Kuwait authorities  on the presence of the wanted terrorists in their country was from the Egyptian authorities. The State Security institutons in Kuwait received information that Abu Bakr Atif Al-Sayyid Al-Fayoumi was the most important member of the terrorist cell. The Kuwaiti special operation’s division then worked around the clock to follow up this dossier by intensifying security investigations on the fugitives until their activities were determined. They were put under surveillance and were monitored until their locations and activities were identified, and they were raided simultaneously by Kuwaiti Special Forces.

The sources pointed out that the detainees have been living in Kuwait for many years, and that their names were received during investigations by the Egyptian authorities of captured Muslim Brotherhood elements involved in previous attacks, where they confessed about the whereabouts of their partners in the group and their political and financial links. The Egyptian courts had already issued verdicts sentencing in absentia some of the members of the Kuwaiti raid cell to between 5 and 15 years in prison. Members of the cell had also participated in anti-government demonstrations in several Egyptian governorates after the two main demonstrations in Cairo were dispersed.

Terrorist Cell Members Held Meetings in Turkey and Qatar

Investigations conducted by the security authorities in Kuwait revealed that members of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood captured cell are part of a wider Islamist network which they have been monitoring for nearly three years. The terrorist cell members also held several meetings in Turkey and Qatar as well as meetings in Kuwait.

Meanwhile, five terrorists involved in similar cases and convicted in absentia in Egypt have evaded arrest by hiding in Qatar and Turkey.

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