Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar Addresses Libyan Army: Liberate Tripoli, Care for its People – Al Marsad

[Libya, 25 July 2019] – On Wednesday night, Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar addressed the Libyan National Army (LNA) in a televised speech, urging them to prepare to move towards the capital to free it from terrorists and armed gangs.


My sons, the soldiers, the non-commissioned officers and the officers of our Armed Forces from the various regions of our homeland, the good people who are stationed around the capital, relying on God. You will be the victors, with the help of God and the people, and the power of your indomitable will, and your faith in your national and religious duty to defend Libya, its land and people, with your lives and your blood, and with all the power that God has bestowed on you. We assure you, and assure all honorable Libyans, that our date with the great victory and the achievement of the goal, has come closer.

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar Addressing the Libyan Army

The goal for which the people provided convoys of martyrs and wounded of their sons; the comrades of arms who were yesterday near you side by side in the face of a savage enemy that the world has never witnessed the likes of in its tyranny, horror, and the heinousness of its crimes and its denial of the value of human life. Man is vicegerent of God in His land. You broke the back of the enemy and removed its banner, the banner of brutality, horror, and tragedies.

The goal that the free Libyan people are looking forward to attain after a long period of suffering, oppression, and misery which exceeded all the limits of patience and fortitude and they had no hope left but God. You are the bulwark and the body armor, you are the flames of the fire which burns each who assaults the dignity of our people and looks down upon their humanity, and works to bring our people to their knees and humiliate and make their life difficult and miserable.

You are the cannon, the tank, the fighter jet, the combat boat, the rocket launcher, and the machine gun that the terrorists cannot withstand regardless of their number.  You are the striking force that protects the people, subjugates its enemies, and brings back its sovereignty, and restores the dignity of our people among the nations of the world. Today, you are making history; a history that our future generations shall be proud of, similar to the sense of pride we cherish towards the history of our grandfathers who resisted fascism.

You are the pillar of the state, the symbol of sovereignty, and the protectors of the homeland. Our goal is to liberate our country from east to west and from north to south so that not a single grain of sand can be left to a single terrorist to walk on with his desecrated feet; so that Libya becomes a secured and stable country where its people can live with dignity, and in freedom, and enjoy the resources and wealth of their nation that was bestowed upon them by God.

After this march of the victorious struggle towards achieving a lofty and noble goal, and after all the sacrifices made by our army and the forces supporting it through our long struggle, the people and the army will raise together the banner of victory in the heart of the capital soon, God willing, announcing its liberation and victory over the terrorists and their supporters, and all armed gangs who terrify and intimidate the citizens and abuse their sanctity and property, and undermine their dignity—so that Tripoli becomes a city of peace and security for both residents and visitors, and regains its role and status as the capital of all Libyans; where the state institutions can carry out their business without extortion or threat.

When the Libyan National Army advances soon inside Tripoli, and is deployed in its squares, streets and alleys to liberate the city from captivity, the criminals will then know the consequences of their actions.

The Libyan National Army

Our Heroes: When you enter the capital, your conduct must be up to the level of the Libyan people’s expectations. You must be careful of the safety of your people in the capital and their property in the same way you are keen with the safety of your parents, your children, your home, and your property. There is no mercy or pity for those who lost the right way and those who were seduced by the devil, and let vanity overwhelm their actions so that they raised their arms to stop you from liberating Tripoli, the pearl of Libya, and its wounded capital.

You must secure the facilities and institutions in the capital. You must literally abide by the instructions issued by your commanders. You must fear God in all your actions. You must uphold ethical values and your military honour in dealing with the people of our homeland.

“And know that God is with the patient”

“But if they meet you in battle, they will flee and they will have no helpers”

Victory for the Homeland, Glory and Eternity of our Martyrs.

Our Martyrs’ Blood will not be lost in vain.


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