EXCLUSIVE: Major General Al-Ghazwi of the LNA Details the Reasons for the Saddada Air Strike South West of Misrata – Al Marsad

In an exclusive statement to Al Marsad, Major General Al-Mabrouk al-Ghazwi of the Libyan National Army (LNA) unveils details for the air strike which targeted a position at dawn on Friday south-west of Misrata which was preparing an offensive on Al-Jufra Airbase with help of Turkish drones and known terrorists.

[Libya, 2 August 2019] – The Commander of Libyan National Army’s Western Region Operations Room, Major General Al-Mabrouk al-Ghazwi said in a statement to Al Marsad that “the targeted position was located to the south-west of Misrata, in al-Saddada district. The hostile target is a mobilization area for the militias who were planning to attack al-Jufra Airbase. We received information of the imminent attack hours before the air strike. The targeted militias were preparing a massive offensive on al-Jufra Airbase with direct assistance of the Turkish enemy drones and their agents in the Operations Rooms of Tripoli, Misrata, and other locations”.

He added: “Some of these militias are from Misrata and the remnants of those wanted internationally, the criminal Ibrahim al-Jadhran, as well as fighters belonging to the Benghazi Revolutionaries Shura Council and the Derna Mujahideen Shura Council who fled from Cyrenaica after their defeat in the fighting against the Libyan National Army forces. They were definitely planning to wage a major offensive on al-Jufra Airbase, but all their plans were completely exposed and known to our intelligence assets. We will not hesitate to wage air strikes to abort their schemes anywhere.”

Major General al-Ghazwi said that “it is ironic that a counter terrorism force would include terrorists belonging to the so-called the Shura Council of Ajdabiya, founded by the wanted terrorist Al-Saadi al-Noufali, within the force that came with Mohammed al-Husan and mobilized at the target location. All these terrorists were mobilized at the so-called counter terrorism headquarters. They thought they were safe from our strikes at this perfect hiding place, which they believed was unknown to our military intelligence and that we would not include it in our targets’ list because of its deceptive name (Counter Terrorism Force). Such deception will never protect them from our strikes.”

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Photos of the destroyed compound and the collateral damage, where the terrorists mobilized for their imminent operation, were posted by the so-called Counter Terrorism Force, whereas the supporters of the Presidential Council published a list of the casualties of the bombing. Two of the killed were identified as Salah al-Alaiwi, and Faraj Mahmoud al-Shaari; a third casualty was unidentified. Six to eight militants were killed in addition to 14 injured.

List of the names of those killed and wounded, including 3 fighters belonging to Ibrahim al-Jadhran, were announced by the Misrata Hospital.

Terrorists Present in a Counterterrorism Headquarters

“We are not surprised at all by the presence of terrorists in a counterterrorism headquarters, which is run by some Misratan militias. The name of counterterrorism is utilized to mislead the Libyan people and the world, but everyone knows the truth of these alliances. We have seen the international statements that call upon the failed government in Tripoli to distance itself from the terrorists because the international community knows the nature and composition of the militias fighting with the Government of National Accord which Al-Sarraj, Bashagha and Amari Zayed falsely describe as the Libyan Army forces. These militias do not hesitate to align with the terrorists. They all have a common enemy: the Libyan National Army,” said Major General al-Ghazwi.

Major General al-Ghazwi concluded his statement by confirming his personal stance in the face of the blatant fact of the alliance of the militias with the terrorist elements, given that he was personally assigned military tasks in the south-east and west of the country. In this context, he pointed out that “the force that claims to fight terrorism has already allied with the Shura militias in carrying out the massacre at the Brak al-Shati Airbase, and attacks on the Oil Crescent. All these facts are documented.”

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