Aref Nayed Denies Fake Statements about the Amazigh, Blames Smear Campaign by the “Fascist” Muslim Brotherhood – Al Marsad

Dr Aref Nayed and other prominent Libyan figures are targets of a massive smear campaign by the Muslim Brotherhood operating from Istanbul, Tripoli and Tunis. The latest fake statements falsely attribute comments about the Amazigh community to Dr Aref Nayed. The former Amazigh GNC member, Hajar al-Qayed, who was victim too of fake statements, also blames the Muslim Brotherhood for the systematic campaign of lies and fake statements by its Islamist media. 

[Libya, 5 August 2019] – With reference to yesterday flagrant fabrications attributing fake statements that have been disseminated via fictitious social media accounts, targeting Libya’s social fabric, particularly the Amazigh social component and followers of the Ibadi Islamic sect, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Libya Institute for Advanced Studies (LIAS), Dr. Aref Ali Nayed, categorically denied on Sunday the validity of statements attributed to him in this regard, stressing that he did not talk about the subject at all.

Dr. Nayed said in a statement to Al Marsad that fake social media accounts loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood, which he described as fascist, had fabricated and disseminated a statement falsely attributed to him that contains insults addressed to the Amazigh and Ibadi communities. He dismissed such fake news as completely baseless and untrue. He added: “I have not made any statement since last month, not about the Amazigh or any other topic since my last interview that was telecasted by Libya’s Channel which was published in its entirety by your online publication.”

The Chairman of LIAS hailed the Amazigh social fabric and its culture that is deeply rooted in Libyan history, confirming that he holds the utmost respect and appreciation for the “beloved Amazigh component of the Libyan people,” stating that he has always been bound by bonds of brotherhood and friendship that he cherishes with many intellectuals, writers, politicians of the Libyan Amazighs as well as the Ibadi sheikhs and scholars, calling on all Libyans not to be misled by the propaganda machine and electronic army of the “fascist Muslim Brotherhood organization and its blatant lies that aim at smearing public figures and causing sedition among the united Libyan social fabric.”

A screengrab from the Muslim Brotherhood’s Libyan Panorama TV spreading fake statements falsely attribution them to Dr Aref Nayed.

Dr. Nayed also denounced the baseless yellow journalism of the Libya Panorama TV, the media arm of the Justice and Construction Party of the Muslim Brotherhood, which alleged that he intended to establish and fund armed brigades to participate in the ongoing operation against the armed groups and militias in Tripoli. He stressed that Libya Panorama TV does not refrain from fabricating falsehood and spreading fake news and lies.

The false statements were posted on a fictitious public Facebook page bearing the name of the former member of the now defunct General National Congress, Hajar al-Qayed, who is of Amazigh origin. Al-Qayed had repeatedly warned that she has no public page, whatsoever, on Facebook, and accused the Muslim Brotherhood of being behind this page.

A false Facebook attributed to former GNC member of the Amazigh, Hajar Al-Qayed.


The recent period has witnessed intensified smear campaigns launched via a number of fake accounts operated by groups aligned to the Muslim Brotherhood and operating from Istanbul, Tripoli and Tunis. Such pages carry the names of a number of public figures as well as some media platforms and channels, and used to spread fake news that could only mislead the persons who find difficulty in distinguishing between the authentic and the fake.

Among these Facebook pages which have been active recently, in addition to the fake page of Hajar al-Qayed, Islamists have launched, over the last period, a page for Siham Sirgiwa, member of the Libyan House of Representatives, which Sirgiwa had dismissed as a forged account that caused problems for her with other people.

The aim of all these counterfeit accounts have been one: tainting the image of the opponents of the Muslim Brotherhood, and attributing unreasonable statements to them about their organisation so as to portray the Muslim Brotherhood as the underdog and victimized group in the eyes of the public and the international community. The fake statements try to imply as if the Muslim Brotherhood were “responsible for the problems of the universe, including global warming and the ozone hole,” according to one fabricated statement attributed to LNA Spokesperson Brigadier General Ahmed Al-Mesmari.

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