Khaled Al-Mishri Accuses Israel and Counter-Revolutionary Forces of Plotting against the Muslim Brotherhood – Al Marsad

Khaled Al-Mishri, the Chairman of the Tripoli-based consultative High Council of State, and a member of the Muslim Brotherhood, compares Morsi to the Third Caliph of Islam and accuses Israel and the counter-revolutionary forces of plotting against the Muslim Brotherhood. 

[Libya, 6 August 2019] – Khaled al-Mishri, Chairman of the High State Council, and senior figure in the Justice and Construction Party, the political arm of the Muslim Brotherhood, participated last week in Istanbul along with leading international Islamist figures, in a ceremony that was held in commemoration of the former late Muslim Brotherhood Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi.

Al-Mishri said that the ousted Egyptian President sacrificed his life for the sake of legitimacy, describing the current situation in Egypt as terrible.

It was unusual, however, given the high profile of the event  that the Media Bureau of the High State Council did not publish the news relevant to the Mishri’s participation in the event.

In his speech, which was monitored by Al Marsad, the Chairman of the Tripoli-based consultative High Council of State, Khaled Al-Mishri said that Mohamed Morsi, was a martyr who resembled the Third Caliph, Uthman ibn Affan, when he refused to entangle the Muslim nation in any dispute, although he could do that with all the powers mandated to him as a President of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

In his speech Al-Mishri said that Morsi is an example to be followed because he was keen, like the great Companion of the Prophet Muhammad, to spare the blood of Muslims, accusing President Sisi of not preserving Muslim blood during what he described as “the horrendous calamity in Rabaa al-Adawiya Square in Cairo.”

The Chairman of the High State Council said, “the martyr President Morsi also provided an example during his trial sessions, which we were following; his adherence to legitimacy, which raises an important question before the world community: do you really want a democratic Arab World? Do you really want the Arab experience of democracy to succeed?”

Al-Meshri pointed out that no one has contested the integrity and validity of the elections that resulted in the rise to power of the Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Morsi, stating that there are certain powers that sought to impede the advancement of Egypt as “the land of faith and Islam.” He said that the situation in Egypt, the region and the Islamic world would have been better if the Morsi regime had not been overthrown. He accused Israel and what he called countries supporting anti-Arab Spring of conspiring against those revolutions, including the Libyan Revolution. However, he did not mention that Israel, which he spoke of, has a consulate, a commercial office and a military attaché in Istanbul, a few kilometers from where the memorial service was held.

Al-Mishri said that “when Egypt banned holding funeral prayers for the late President Morsi, all the squares in the Arab and Islamic countries, including the Martyrs Square in Tripoli, held the funeral prayers, because he is a martyr, a real martyr whose name will be indelible in the memory of the world, whereas history will condemn those who incarcerated and tortured him.”

Al-Mishri claimed that Morsi was subjected to a lengthy assassination process that lasted for years. He said: “We experienced solitary confinement in the Gaddafi prisons, we experienced the prevention of medication, we experienced the prohibition of family visits to prisoners. The soul of the martyr was liberated in the end, and rose to heaven by God’s will.”

However, al-Mishri did not explain who he meant when he said “we experienced” because he had never been a prisoner during the era of the former regime, unless he was referring to the experience of his fellow members of the Muslim Brotherhood who had been incarcerated by the Gaddafi regime.

Like other members of the Muslim Brotherhood, the overthrow of President Morsi’s regime in Egypt, which happened as a result of a popular uprising backed by the Egyptian army, was linked to what they call a wave of counter-revolutions. “Libya is also facing the consequences of the counter-revolution in Egypt,” al-Mishri said, claiming that the assassinations that happened in Libya, which he declined to attribute to their real perpetrators, the extremists, “were used as the beacon of the counter-revolution,” the Chairman of the Higher Council of State said in reference to the Dignity Operation that he had previously vowed to thwart.

Khaled al-Mishri, Abdulsalam Kajman and Mohammed Amari Zayed at the Turkish Embassy in Tripoli’s memorial event to mark the third anniversary since the 2016 coup against Erdogan’s Islamist government.

Despite the bitterness of the occasion for the attendees of the memorial event in Istanbul, al-Mishri did not fail to practice what some considered excessive clowning when he said that “the democratization experience has succeeded in Libya,” turning a blind eye to the fact that he was at the forefront of those who succeeded in compromising and aborting the post-2011 nascent democracy when his extremist Islamist camp challenged the ballot box results in the Supreme Court and threw the choices of the Libyan people into thin air. He, along with his other Islamist colleagues, disputed the constitutionality of the newly elected Libyan House of Representatives (HoR) in 2014 as a successor to the defunct General National Congress (GNC), let alone their Libya Dawn Operation which destroyed the entire democratization process.

Al-Mishri told his fellow Muslim Brotherhood members that there was an attempt to impose the military rule in Libya through Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar whom he described as the Retired General. “Haftar came to Libya to repeat the Egyptian experience,” said al-Mishri in his speech.

He complained to the audience about suffering what he called “the Egyptian-Emirati support” that is given to Haftar “to abort the Libyan Revolution”. Yet he added: “But with the help of God, we will triumph. Today there was an important military operation at a military base belonging to Haftar that we believe will be a pivotal turning point to defeat the counter revolution,” he said, in reference to the aerial bombardment carried out by the Turkish killer drones on the Jufra Airbase, that was claimed by the Commander of the Western Region Military Zone aligned with the Tripoli-seated Presidential Council, Usama Juwaili, in an official statement issued by him.

He said that there are those who are trying to make the demise of President Morsi a sorrow that is felt only by the members of the Muslim Brotherhood, but that all lovers of freedom in the world share the sadness. “Morsi was not only a martyr of the Muslim Brotherhood or of the Egyptian legitimacy, but a martyr of freedom for all the free people of the world,” according to Al-Mishri.

“In Libya, we will not allow this experience to be repeated. We will continue on the same path. We love freedom and democracy. We are convinced that the countries that pretend to advocate democracy, are only pursuing their interests, and they will certainly choose interests over principles. We will not allow this to happen.” Al-Mishri concluded, asking the attendees of the memorial ceremony to pray to God to achieve justice on those who “assassinated” the ousted Egyptian President, Mohamed Morsi.

The speech by Mishri and its clear bias towards Muslim Brotherhood and Islamist rhetoric proves the difficulty of separating his membership of the Justice and Building Party with his membership of the Muslim Brotherhood, and casts doubt on his claims that, since becoming Chairman of the Tripoli-based consultative High Council of State he is no longer a member of the Islamist organization.

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