Italian Defence Minister: LNA Attacks on Misrata Airport Are Very Precise, Italian Soldiers and Military Hospital Not a Target – Al Marsad

Italian Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta said that Italian soldiers in Misrata have not been targets of attacks by either side of the current armed conflict in Libya. She stated that the attacks on the Misrata Air College by the Air Force of the Libyan National Army have been very precise and have not affected Italian soldiers or the Italian military hospital at the airport. 

[Libya, 8 August 2019] – Italian Defence Minister Elisabetta Trenta said in a post today on her Facebook social media page that given the accuracy of the strikes by the Libyan National Army (LNA)’s Air Force, that it indicated that the Italian soldiers or the Italian military hospital, which is also located at the airport, are not a target.

Minister Trenta stressed that the presence of the Italian military hospital in Misrata remains important because its activities are solely for the benefit of the Libyan people, noting that there is no possibility to resolve the conflict militarily and only a political solution can achieve lasting peace and stability and an end to the humanitarian crisis.

The Italian Defence Minister said: “We continue to express our closeness to the Libyan people and engage in diplomatic activity, using the health services for the purpose of stopping the use of weapons and to get the various actors to sit at the table and dialogue.”

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