Libya at the Heart of Trump-Sisi Talks at the G7 Summit – Al Marsad

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi met with US President Donald Trump on Monday at the G7-Africa Partnership Summit held in Biarritz, France. The meeting between the two leaders focused on the situation in Libya.

[Libya, 27 August 2019] – The White House highlighted, via a brief tweet, on its official Twitter account, that Presidents Trump and Sisi discussed the crisis in Libya during their meeting in France.

The US Administration stressed that both Presidents have expressed their common support for a stable, united and democratic Libya capable of standing alone against terrorism and providing security and prosperity to all Libyans, in a reference to the two leaders’ consensus on the Libyan issue.

President Sisi had warned earlier during the conference that the deterioration of the situation in Libya affects the security and stability of its citizens and of the neighboring countries.

“Due to the threat posed by terrorist organizations and the security liquidity shown in the proliferation of armed militias, the impact of the exacerbated situation in Libya, not only on the security and stability of its citizens, but also on neighboring countries, requires pooling the international efforts to put an end to such crisis and threat, along with ensuring and preserving the safety, abilities and resources of the brotherly Libyan people.” President Sisi stressed in his speech before the G7-Africa Partnership Summit held at Biarritz.

G7-Africa Partnership Summit held in Biarritz, France

President Sisi said “the way out of the crisis in Libya is well known; it only needs a political will and sincerity to begin a comprehensive political settlement process, addressing all aspects of the crisis. The solution should be topped by restoring stability, eliminating terrorism and militia chaos.”

The Egyptian President said that a comprehensive political settlement would end foreign interferences in Libya, ensure justice and transparency in the distribution and spending of state resources, and complete the consolidation of Libyan institutions as stipulated in the Libyan political agreement.

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