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The meeting held on Sunday in Tripoli, chaired by Mr. Fayez al-Sarraj, Chairman of the UN-backed Presidential Council, which was attended by an audience categorized by al-Sarraj as “cultural, political and social elites” stirred controversy and conflicting reactions. Furthermore, a purported speech attributed to Nouri al-Abbar, a Libyan Muslim Brotherhood member, generated a wave of criticism from pro-GNA Tripoli militia leaders.

[Libya, 3 September 2019] – Nouri al-Abbar, a Libyan Muslim Brotherhood member, was quoted yesterday on social media platforms, including some Facebook pages, as saying that the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) forces are doomed for defeat in the battle of Tripoli. Al-Abbar’s remarks drew a wave of harsh criticism among Tripoli militiamen and armed groups aligned with the Presidential Council of the Government  of National Accord (GNA). Some critics called for disciplinary action against al-Abbar who categorically denied the attributed controversial statement.

Nouri al-Abbar on the right in this photo

Al-Abbar’s denial of the statement was disseminated via a Facebook post that was circulated by the Spokesperson of the Al-Samoud Brigade, Ihmaida al-Jirrow, on the latter’s Facebook page. Al-Jirrow confirmed that al-Abbar contacted him and informed him in writing of what has actually happened at the Presidential Council’s meeting to clarify his position.

Ihmaida al-Jirrow with Salah Badi, the leader of Al Samoud Brigade

Al-Jirrow quoted al-Abbar as saying, “I urged the President [Fayez al-Sarraj] to sit with the military commanders in order to tie up the loose ends and provide all the required capabilities to achieve a decisive victory. We must rely on the military solution and utilize it for our benefit without the slightest hesitation.”

Al-Jirrow, quoted al-Abbar as saying, “I also said that if we are skeptical or hesitant about achieving a decisive military victory in this battle, which is determined by the military commanders, alternative options should be considered before they are imposed on us by the International Community.”

Al-Jirrow said that al-Abbar has never described what he called the “aggressive forces” as not invasive, considering what was reported in this regard as nonsense and twisting of the truth. Al-Abbar also denied wide spread allegations that he said that “it is high time to think about disbanding the armed militias.” Al-Abbar affirmed, “I did not touch on the issue of armed formations in any way, and I have never raised this topic.”

Some of the leading figures who attended the Tripoli meeting.

In conclusion, Alabbar said that his interaction in the meeting was only to put forward specific hypotheses for discussion in light of the available capabilities and resources that can be utilized to come up with coherent and implementable visions that enhance their choices and consolidate their positions in the face of accelerating international developments. “This is exactly what happened, and God is my witness,” said al-Abbar, adding: “The participants in the meeting, including me, unanimously agreed on the need to support the frontlines and focus on achieving a decisive victory.”

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