Turkey Calls for a Ceasefire in Tripoli Under International Supervision – Al Marsad

The presidential spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin, stated in a press conference following the meeting about Libya that took place in Berlin on Tuesday and which was called for by Chancellor Angela Merkel, that Turkey supports a ceasefire in Libya. He also said that it is important to oversee and observe this ceasefire.

[Libya, 19 September 2019] – According to Anadolu News Agency, Ibrahim Kalin said that “it is necessary to specify the sanctions to be imposed on any party that breaks the ceasefire once it is reached.”

The Turkish presidential spokesperson, Ibrahim Kalin.

“If conflict were to resume, sponsored by some country or other, only a few weeks after a ceasefire is reached, peace will never be achieved in Libya,” he continued.

Kalin pointed out that Turkey participated in this meeting in order to help reach an international political solution to the Libyan crisis. This solution is to be reached via the participation of the permanent members of the UN in addition to Germany, Italy, Turkey, Emirates, Egypt, the Arab League, and the Head of the UN Mission to Libya, Ghassan Salamé.

“The Head of the UN Mission was clear about the fact that the conditions of any possible ceasefire must be nurtured. Turkey believes that this can only be achieved through sending a strong message to the parties that break the ceasefire and seek conflict,” he added.

He continued by saying” that one of the most pressing issues that we brought to the meeting was our support for this operation and the UN initiative in general. We made it clear that reaching a political solution is possible if all Libyan parties were to come together.”

He also said that the purpose of this meeting was to find a comprehensive solution with the participation of all stakeholders, pointing out that the supposed “transgressions” of agreements committed by Haftar’s forces can but worsen the armed conflict in Libya.

Kalin stated that the Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, is leading a diplomatic movement that seeks to find outlets to the Libyan crisis. The latter will have talks in his visit to the United Nations next week regarding this issue, to Anadolu News Agency.

“A different approach should be followed in order to improve the conditions and guarantees of a potential ceasefire,” Kalin said.

The call for a ceasefire by the Turkish government comes in the wake of sustained airstrike campaign by the Libyan National Air Force which has inflicted over the last week severe damage to Turkish drone assets aligned to the GNA and military infrastructure in Mitiga, Misrata and other locations.

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