Conte Tells Sarraj to Confront Extremist Groups Within GNA Militias – Al Marsad

Italian news agency Agenzia Nova and newspaper Il Messaggero have released details of Prime Minister Guissepe Conte’s talks with Chairman of the Tripoli-based Presidential Council Fayez Al-Sarraj during their meeting in Rome on Wednesday.

[Libya, 21 September 2019] – The news agency and different Italian newspapers have also quoted Italian officials working with Conte, “The Libyan crisis remains a strong cause of concern for the Italian government, and solving it is of great importance.”

Officials have also confirmed to Italian media outlets that Conte has affirmed to Sarraj that the interest of the Libyan people is a priority for the Italian government, and will continue to underscore their efforts to help Libya.

Italian Premier Giuseppe Conte, right, with the head of the Tripoli-based Presidential Council, Fayez al-Sarraj (Archive Image)

It also stated that Conte reiterated his concern about the impact of terrorism on an international level, urging Sarraj to exert more effort into confronting extremist elements present within the ranks of militias under his command

Furthermore, the Italian prime minister voiced his support for the Government of National Accord, whilst according to the agency, maintaining that at the same time that his government must consider Libyan officials in Cyrenaica as key political interlocutors in the search for a political solution.

On a similar note, Conte also revealed the presence of what he branded “extreme sensitivity of the Italian public opinion” towards the dangerous humanitarian conditions, immigration issues, and detention centres for illegal immigrants under the Government of General Accord’s jurisdiction.

Discussing the Italian government’s stance in this respect, Conte emphasized that they collaborate more closely with United Nation agencies on the ground, as well as his encouragement of renewed efforts to support Libya nationally and internationally. He also expressed his wish for Fayez Sarraj to diligently demonstrate a great sense of responsibility.

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