Mishri Demands Accountability on Sarraj’s Appointment of New Ambassadors – Al Marsad

The Chairman of the High Council of State, Khaled Al Mishri, demanded on Friday that the Chairman of the Audit Bureau, the Administrative Council and the Anti-Corruption Commission review the Presidential Council’s decisions concerning the appointment of ambassadors in embassies and diplomatic attachés.

[Libya, 21 September 2019] – In a statement obtained by Al Marsad, Mishri claimed that the review of presidential decisions must reflect a consideration of public interest, particularly in light of the current debate surrounding the Presidential Council’s recent decision to appoint ambassadors who were loyal to Sarraj, including his personal adviser Taher El Sonni.

Taher El Sonni is number three on the list of new appointed ambassadors.

Mishri also demanded that all decisions concerning deployment in embassies and diplomatic attachés be reviewed and examined for the extent of their compliance with enforced laws, insisting that appropriate measures should be taken to stop any violation, according to his statement.

Statement by Khaled Al-Mishri

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