Precious Libyan Artifacts Smuggled to Italy Recovered by Authorities – Al Marsad

The Libyan Embassy in Italy announced on Thursday that it had recovered valuable artifacts smuggled out of Libya. They were returned to the embassy in the presence of the Head of the Libyan Department of Antiquities.

[Libya, 21 September 2019] – The Libyan Embassy explained through its media office that the recovered artifacts included a precious collection of pottery and arrows dating back to the prehistoric period of immense historical value.

The Libyan Ambassador in Italy Omar Al-Tarhouni said he and the embassy’s staff will continue to cooperate with the Libyan Department of Antiquities to carry out its work and provide all facilities in an attempt to return the historical artifacts that were smuggled from Libya back to its original country.

The Libyan embassy pointed out that the artifacts reflect the extent of Libya’s history and ethnicity for thousands of years and must be preserved and returned to Libya.

This work is a result of the efforts of the Libyan Department of Antiquities, which has been following up and searching for these smuggled archeological pieces for a long time, both in Italy or other countries.