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Adhem Nasuf, one of the founders of the Tripoli Revolutionaries Brigade loyal to the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord’s (GNA) Ministry of Interior Affairs, accused last week both the GNA Minister of Finance, Farag Boumtari, and the Governor of the Central Bank in Tripoli, Siddik Al-Kabir, of stifling militias by hindering deals between the GNA and Turkey that would help to support them.

Adhem Nasuf with the Tripoli militia leader Haitham Tajouri.

[Libya, 21 October 2019] – On his Facebook page, Nasuf said that Faraj Boumtari and Siddik Al-Kabir are standing in the way of what he called “a deal between Libya and Turkey to equip the Libyan Army (GNA armed groups) with jamming devices against drones.”

He stated that this deal has already been concluded between the GNA and the Turkish government. However, Al Kabir and Boumtari are stalling this deal, according to him.

Nasufs Facebook post against Al Kabir and Boumtari.

Nasuf asked Boumtari to explain himself, saying that “the minister’s position is a clear indication that he is siding with Haftar.” He also accused Siddiq Al-Kabir of “selling” men.

He stated that he holds Boumtari and Al Kabir responsible for every soldier that falls fighting for GNA. “You are accountable for any martyr who falls because of a bombing. It is not acceptable that we are protecting traitors,” he added.

Adhem Nasuf is one of the many radical militia leaders fighting under the cover and protection of the Fayez Al-Sarraj’s Tripoli-based and UN-approved, yet unelected, Government of National Accord (GNA).

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