UN Expert Warns of Turkish Plan to Send ISIS Terrorists to Libya  – Al Marsad

Bassel Al-Turjuman, terrorist groups affairs’ UN expert and adviser said that Turkey has plans to redeploy thousands of terrorist elements in North Africa, particularly Libya.

[Libya, 20 October 2019] – Al-Turjuman pointed out in statements to LIVE News, which was aired on 218 TV Satellite Channel last Wednesday, that Turkey plans to release hundreds of terrorist militants detained in its prisons to send them to Libya.

He pointed out that the Islamic State organization is aiming at redeploying its elements in Libya to exploit the ongoing armed conflict in Tripoli and a security vacuum due to the preoccupation of the Libyan National Army (LNA) forces in the Tripoli war.

Al-Turjuman confirmed the circulating news about a Turkish intelligence alleged task to transport thousands of ISIS fighters from the Syrian territories to southern Libyan borders, warning of the dangers of terrorists returning to Libya and other North African countries.

Al-Turjuman accused Washington of alleged ‘complicity’ in supporting terrorism, as its statements and its war against terrorism, according to Al-Turjuman, have been contradictory for more than 25 years, pointing out that the Pentagon’s statements that the United States Africa Command  (AFRICOM) has undermined the terrorist elements’ capabilities in southern Libya through air strikes are unrealistic, particularly in light of the Pentagon’s reports that there are still approximately 100 Islamic State militants whereas a UN report referred to the presence of more than 500 ISIS fighters in Libya so far.

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