Tribal and Social Leaders of Tarhouna: “Erdogan’s Speech Will Not Weaken Our Resolve” – Al Marsad

The Tarhouna Chieftains and Community Leaders Council (TCCL) issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the speech of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the inauguration of the Turkish TRT World Broadcaster Forum in Istanbul on 21 October 2019, was a clear expression of Turkey’s ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) colonial policy.

[Libya, 22 October 2019] – The Tarhouna Chieftains and Community Leaders Council (TCCL) said in its statement that Erdogan claimed in his speech his country’s alleged right to Libya in addition to its right in several other countries, including the Syrian Arab Republic, within what Erdogan considers the “geography of the old Ottoman Sultanate.”

The statement added that the “Ottoman legacy in our country only reminds us of a history stained with blood, impoverishment, ignorance, taxes, looting, the destruction of villages with artillery, and the killing of thousands of our ancestors. The massacre committed by the Turks against our people in the Jawazi tribe is one of the most heinous crimes committed by the Ottoman Empire. Today, Turkey reveals the reality of its presence in our Arab region through what the Turkish President himself described yesterday as Turkey’s historical heritage that should be restored.”

The TCCL conveyed the message to all Libyan tribes asking them “to realize the reality of what is going on in the Libyan arena of the flagrant Turkish support for its allies in Tripoli—the Islamic State, al-Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood—under the rule of the remnants of the unconstitutional and powerless authority in Tripoli.”

The statement also called on the United Nations Support Mission (UNSMIL) in Libya to exert all efforts to stop what it described as the “colonial arrogance” of the Turkish regime which has demonstrated its true intentions in Libya.

The TCCL pointed out that the international order, with its conventions, laws and customs rejects such speeches, which the TCCL described as reactionary, and is in fact sufficient to indict Erdogan of crimes committed against humanity, calling on all associations, civil institutions and political groups to issue statements rejecting Erdogan’s neocolonialism.

The Tarhouna Chieftains and Community Leaders Council (TCCL) addressed a message to the Libyan people: “Our People of Libya, our youths who are deceived in their war against their army, which is the Libyan National Army troops; Turkey has vividly said its word regarding Libya yesterday—How will you respond to that?”

The TCCL noted that Turkish drones are not directed against a particular Libyan faction, but in fact against all Libyans. “If Turkish neocolonialism has Libyan allies today, they will be the victims of the Turkish executioners tomorrow.”

Concluding its statement, the Tarhouna Chieftains and Community Leaders Council (TCCL) said, “Erdogan’s speeches will not weaken the resolve of your brothers in Tarhouna, but they wanted to issue this statement to alert all Libyan tribes to the reality of Turkish politics.”

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