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In a press release issued on Tuesday, the National Movement for Libya (NML) condemned the statements of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at the inauguration of the Turkish TRT World Broadcaster Forum in Istanbul on 21 October 2019. The NML said that Erdogan’s speech violated Libya’s national sovereignty.

[Libya, 23 October 2019] – Al Marsad received a copy of the statement of the National Movement for Libya (NML) in which the movement noted that Erdogan’s speech has taken the mask off the hidden intentions of his colonial orientations, his baseless claim to the alleged rights of Turkey in Libya, and his intention to revive the abhorrent colonial era that brought backwardness and tyranny to Libya over hundreds of years under the Ottoman rule.

Group photo of members of the National Movement for Libya

The National Movement for Libya (NML), founded on a pan-Libya social platform, aims at preserving the higher national interests of Libya and the Libyan people, according to the manifesto of the movement. The NML, headed by Sheikh Faraj Hussein al-Obeidi, denounced Erdogan’s speech on Libya and declared that it joins with the Libyan people and the Sons of Libya Group in condemning what it called the flagrant infringement by Turkish President Erdogan on the sovereignty of Libya. The movement demanded at the end of its statement, all the people of the country to unite in the face of what it described as “blatant encroachment” on Libya’s national sovereignty and independence.

It is noteworthy that this statement comes after the Sons of Libya Group released a strongly worded open letter on Tuesday addressed to António Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, and which was signed by forty three leading former diplomats, academicians and activists. Furthermore, the NML press release comes in the wake of a statement issued by the Tarhouna Chieftains and Community Leaders Council in response to Erdogan’s speech.

Erdogan speech sparked a wave of angry responses and reactions from leading Libyan institutions and social leaders on his quest to return what he described as the right of his country in both Libya and Syria based on the Ottoman occupation of these countries in the past.

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