Two Injured Turks Airlifted to Istanbul After LNA Strike Military Base at Mitiga – Al Marsad

AL MARSAD EXCLUSIVE: Turkey airlifted two of its citizens aboard a Libyan Air Ambulance (LAA) plane from the military section of the Mitiga International Airport (MJI) to Istanbul Atatürk Airport (ISL), hours after the latest air strikes by the Libyan National Army Air Force, described as the fiercest on the airbase since the start of the military operations in Tripoli on April 4, according to leaked documents. Al Marsad obtained a copy of the documents from a senior military source who confirmed that the two Turkish men were injured in the air raid.

[Libya, 24 October 2019] – Al Marsad obtained documents including a photocopy of takeoff and destination permission issued by the Civil Aviation Authority for Libyan Air Ambulance (LAA). The LAA plane had been granted permission to fly to Istanbul Atatürk Airport (ISL) on 22 October with two Turkish nationals and one Libyan citizen who has been designated as injured accompanied by three persons onboard.

The targeted location at the military section of the Mitiga International Airport

The permission list shows that the first Turkish injured person is Hasan Yildiz who carries a Libyan entry visa since mid-April, according to his passport. Yildiz has entered Libya as a technician without clarifying his field of specialization. The issued Libyan visa indicates that he has never been to Libya before.

Air Ambulance flight permit

The second injured Turkish national is Atilla Turakgun. He holds a Turkish travel document issued by the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tripoli. He works as a “farmer” according to the document. The flight permit shows that Atilla Turakgun was onboard of the Libyan Air Ambulance (LAA) plane as a patient as in the case of his other Turkish countryman on board, according to the flight authorization documents.

This special flight of the Libyan Air Ambulance (LAA) plane, which airlifted these alleged Turkish patients, took off from Mitiga International Airport (MJI) the morning after the intensive airstrike that targeted warehouses and headquarters in the military section of the Mitiga International Airport (MJI) at exactly two o’clock before dawn. This means that the plane transporting these “patients” on the morning of 22 October took off a few hours after the raid that was announced by the Libyan National Army General Command which targeted the positions of Turkish military personnel, Turkish drones, operating rooms and ammunition.

 International Red Cross Plane Airlifts an Unknown Dutch to the Republic of Tunisia

According to another flight record log, a plane affiliated with the International Red Cross (IRC) took off on 21 October on what was described as a purely humanitarian mission to airlift two persons: the first is a Dutch national named Willem Franke Jonge, while the other person on board is Abdurhman Mohamed Fayad, a Libyan national born in Manchester, the United Kingdom.

The  International Committee of the Red Cross did not clarify the urgent humanitarian nature of the evacuation of the two persons to Tunisia, although the Mitiga International Airport (MJI) is closed while other open civilian airports in the western region are Zuwara International Airport (WAX) and Misrata International Airport (MRA). They, however, have indicated that their neutral humanitarian tasks are to protect the lives of persons in the areas of armed conflicts.

The nature of the work of the airlifted two people on board the International Red Cross flight was not immediately known. The IRC plane had already landed at Mitiga International Airport from Tunisia at 11:15 am and left an hour later at 12:15 am the same day.

Al Marsad was unable to obtain any comment from the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Tripoli, yet the President of the Presidential Council of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez al-Sarraj, denied the presence of any Turkish military personnel, or any Turkish unmanned planes in Libya. He made his comments on Wednesday during an interview given to RT during his participation in the Russia-Africa Summit at Sochi, and said that all such media reports on the issue were baseless.

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