New Tunisian President Discusses Situation in Libya with Islamist Ghannouchi – Al Marsad

In his first official reception two weeks after winning the Tunisian presidential elections, President-elect Kais Said received on Friday, at the Presidential Palace in Carthage, Rachid Ghannouchi, Secretary General of the Ennahda Party, the political arm of the Tunisian Muslim Brotherhood.

[Libya, 26 October 2019] – According to the Tunisian presidency, Ghannouchi said the meeting was an occasion to reiterate his congratulations to the President-elect on the strong mandate he received from the Tunisian voters, and stressed the importance of this broad legitimacy in unifying the ranks of the Tunisian people and giving more hope to young people.

Ghanouchi added that he briefed the President on the preliminary results of the talks held by the Ennahda Party with a number of national parties and organizations within the intention of forming a new coalition government, as well as ways of strengthening relations in the Arab Maghreb Union and enhancing Tunisia’s role in achieving peace in Libya.

For his part, the new Tunisian Head of State reaffirmed his inclusive role for all Tunisians as a guarantor of their unity to safeguard the national interests of Tunisia. The new President-elect also stressed the importance of abiding by the criterion of competence in forming the new Tunisian government and presenting a program that matches the ambitions of Tunisians, away from all partisan quotas.

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