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The Ministry of the Interior of the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA) issued a clarification statement on the appearance of Abdul Rahman Milad, a UN sanctioned human trafficker and fuel smuggler known as al-Bija, in an interview with La7, the Italian TV news network, while wearing the official uniform of the of the Libyan Coast Guard that reports to the GNA Naval Forces. The Ministry stated that Abdul Rahman Milad, who assumes an official post with the Libyan Coast Guard in al-Zawyia, is a wanted person.

Abdul Rahman Milad (Al-Bija)

[Libya, 27 October 2019] – The statement said that care was given by what the GNA Ministry of the Interior described as “the security apparatuses” to the dossier of the wanted persons. The statement claimed that those whose whereabouts remained unknown for some time have taken advantage of the “the armed offensive” on the Libyan capital to reappear. Al-Bija, according to the Ministry, disappeared into thin air as soon as it came to his knowledge that he was being chased by the security services, in reference to his appearance on the frontlines of Tripoli.

May 2019: The human trafficker Al-Bija (red), the Tripoli fighting axis leader Firas al-Selougi, a.k.a. Al Wahshi (black)

The statement also mentioned that al-Bija does not belong to the Ministry of the Interior or any of its agencies and does not receive any salary thereof. “This person reports to the Libyan Coast Guard which is affiliated with the Naval Forces. The Chief of Investigations Division of the Public Prosecutor’s Office issued an arrest warrant against him on 23 April 2019,” the GNA Ministry of the Interior argued.

The statement added that the Central Bank of Libya, in compliance with the decision of the Public Prosecutor, has frozen his bank accounts at the commercial banks. However, these measures did not enter into force as the controversial human and fuel smuggler appeared on Italian television yesterday inside his official headquarters in the GNA Libyan Coast Guard and next to the banner of the Libyan Navy.

“We will continue to search and investigate all wanted persons, and will strengthen our security system with the latest criminal tracking systems, prevent them from traveling through official ports, and send interpol notices, so that they appear before the courts and face the charges against them,” the statement concluded.

It is noteworthy that the man sanctioned by the UN Security Council appeared on Friday evening in a uniform indicating his rank of a naval captain in an interview with the Italian TV Channel La7 with the investigative journalist Francesca Mannocchi from inside the Libyan Coast Guard headquarters in the western coastal city of Zawiya. In the interview, al-Bija confirmed that he would continue to work within the Libyan Coast Guard of the UN-backed Government of National Accord. Al-Bija considered that the inclusion of his name in the sanctions lists issued by the Security Council as a human trafficker and fuel smuggler was based on malicious Facebook posts and press reports that were unfounded.

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