Priceless Artifacts Given to the Department of Antiquities of Cyrenaica – Al Marsad

Eleven colored pottery pieces that date back to the Greek era in Libya have been delivered to the Department of Antiquities (LDA) in Eastern Libya. A statement made by the Interim Government-affiliated LDA confirmed that Tareq al-Shalmani, First Sergeant at the General Directorate of Central Support, has found the priceless Greek artifacts in the region of Tokra in the Cyrenaica region.

[Libya, 3 November 2019] – The Media Bureau of the Libyan Department of Antiquities (LDA) stated that the Head of the special committee responsible for receiving the monuments and antiquities at the LDA, accompanied by the head of the Tokra Antiquities Department and the Director of Talmaitha Antiquities Bureau, arrived at the headquarters of the General Department of Statistics and Information of the Ministry of the Interior of the Interim Government in the city of Benghazi, specifically for this purpose. They officially received the Greek artifacts from Colonel Al-Gharyani Idris Boushnaf.

In a special ceremony, the LDA expressed its thanks and appreciation to First Sergeant Tareq al-Shalmani for his patriotism and dedication in retrieving the priceless artifacts. The LDA acknowledged the honorable work of Al-Shalmani and praised the efforts exerted by the personnel at the General Department of Statistics and Information for their role in connecting the Libyan Department of Antiquities (LDA) to the Libyan citizen, Tareq al-Shalmani.

The Libyan Interim Government in Benghazi has been exerting tireless efforts for the retrieval and preservation of Libya’s antiquities and historical monuments.

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