Libyan National Army Destroys Arsenal Left by Terrorists in Derna – Al Marsad

Colonel Mahmoud Bouhagfa, Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers (ACE), affiliated with the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the Green Mountain of Cyrenaica, revealed that large quantities of weapons and ammunition left behind by terrorists in the battles of Derna have been destroyed.

[Libya, 7 November 2019] – The Commander of the Army Corps of Engineers, Colonel Mahmoud Bouhagfa, told Sputnik that LNA Corps of Engineers have not yet destroyed the entire arsenal of weapons and ammunition the terrorists left behind in the Green Mountain region because the quantities that the ACE seized are massive, and the resulting explosions will be very powerful. The terrorists’ weapons and ammunition leftovers will be completely destroyed in phases. “We have destroyed the first batch which exceeded seventy shells of various types. They have been detonated in two phases,” Bouhagfa confirmed.

With regard to the types of the weaponry remnants, Colonel Mahmoud Bouhagfa said, “these are payload-carrying projectiles  containing explosives the terrorist groups used as booby traps inside Derna and in its outskirts.”

The Commander of the LNA Corps of Engineers explained that efforts are still ongoing in the valleys surrounding the perimeters of the city of Derna, and in other areas as well, that witnessed fierce battles during the war against terrorism before these locations were completely liberated by the Libyan National Army forces.

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