Libyan Women Leaders Stress Cooperation with LNA to Combat Violence Against Women – Al Marsad

The Chairperson of the Association of Libyan Women Empowerment Coordinators (LWEC), Aisha al-Barghathi, said that the LWEC has accomplished a noticeable change in the status of women in Libya and that it prioritise combating violence against women in all its forms.

[Libya, 11 November 2019] – Al-Barghathi said in a statement to Al-Ain News that the Association of Libyan Women Empowerment Coordinators (LWEC) continues to strive for Libyan women to obtain all their rights and improve their conditions, which were not acceptable, compared to the remarkably positive contributions Libyan women make to society. According to al-Barghathi, the Libyan National Army (LNA) appreciates highly the role played by women in the society, assists them in consolidating their rights, and positively contributes to the empowerment of women in all domains.

The Chairperson of the LWEC stressed that the association is dedicated to providing support to the mothers and wives and daughters of the martyrs, the wounded and missing. On the status of women in the constitution draft, Al-Barghathi said that the LWEC has sought assistance from experts in psychology and sociology, activists, lawyers, and advocates of women’s rights to discuss the proposed provisions and paragraphs that are relevant to women, with the participation of mothers and widows of the martyrs.

“We are seeking to establish a mechanism for the participation of women in the Libyan political landscape to enhance their participation in the forthcoming government and reach a representation ratio of at least thirty percent of the cabinet members. The previous constitutional articles did not clearly specify the provisions pertaining to women and their legitimate rights,” Al-Barghathi stated.

Al-Barghthi believes that the constitutional articles need to be changed and amended, pointing out that the LWEC accepts all proposals to improve the situation of women, believing that launching awareness campaigns and educating Libyan communities on women’s rights will help empower Libyan women and enhance their chances of taking up leadership positions.

The LWEC prioritizes combating violence against women. In this regard, Al-Barghathi said she is working with the LNA to combat all forms of violence against women and provide protection and medical as well as psychological treatment for victims of domestic violence.

She pointed to the LWEC proposals that aim currently at providing psychological support to women and developing remedial plans for the children of the martyrs whose fathers have been killed and those who are psychologically affected by the loss of their families, revealing that the LWEC plans to include training courses in its programme for empowering Libyan women.

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