Interim Government Facilitates Return for Post-2011 Displaced Libyans in Egypt – Al Marsad

The Displaced Libyans National Program (DLNP), an initiative launched by the Libyan Interim Government (LIG) to support and facilitate the homecoming of displaced Libyans abroad, particularly Libyan citizens who had to leave the country in the post-2011 armed conflict. The DLNP competent committee held a meeting on Sunday in Cairo under the chairmanship of Mr. Abdullah al-Thini, the LIG Prime Minister, to discuss the needs of the Libyan community in the Arab Republic of Egypt, particularly the displaced families, and facilitate their voluntary return to their homeland.

[Libya, 19 November 2019] – According to the LIG Information Centre, the DLNP special committee concluded its meeting in the Egyptian capital and a number of recommendations and procedures were approved, including the formation of an integrated team comprising representatives from the Social Security and Solidarity Funds, the Passports and Immigration Directorate, as well as social workers’ groups to resolve problems faced by the displaced Libyans in Egypt.

This program aims at facilitating the voluntary return of displaced Libyans abroad to achieve families’ reunion and is considered an important step on the road to a comprehensive national reconciliation and the provision of services to all Libyans in the Arab Republic of Egypt. The initiative that was launched by the Libyan Interim Government (LIG) is founded on the principle of preserving the dignity of the Libyan citizens in Libya and abroad and providing the necessary services and assistance to them.

The meeting was attended by the LIG Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Abdulhadi Al-Hweij, Minister of Social Affairs, Fathia Hamed, in addition to the special committee members under the auspices of the the Interim Prime Minister al-Thini.

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